Notes from our customers

We love it when our customers take the time to write to us after taking our course to tell us how we did! Here are what some people are saying to us:


“I have been around firearms my entire life and I left this class feeling even more comfortable about the handling of a firearm. I have never seen a more attentive audience in my entire life as the instructor was extremely engaging and incredibly conscientious of the varying comfort level of individuals and made it a very informed and involved class. This is a MUST HAVE class!!! Thanks NW Carry and Defend!” Review on Yelp on 3/22/2016


“I wished that I could of taken your class a lot sooner in life. The class you presented was very well done. I especially liked the safety part for my son and I even learned some things too. Thank you very much!” An e-mail we received from someone who took our class with his son a few months ago! (He stated he’s been carrying since 1971)


“This is the second self defense type class I have been to, previously attended a class from a different firm. This is by far the best of the 2. Thank you very much for all your info & great attitudes. My wife also loved the class & came away with a better sense of actions required for a safe and secure life. Thank you!” An e-mail sent from another happy customer


“As a retired fed manager & 40 plus private business owner, I have attended a plethora of “training sessions”… you folks are the best by far! Again, thanks so much!” An e-mail from a customer who took our course last week


“OUTSTANDING! By far the best class and live fire course I have taken. From the in-depth legal instruction brought to you by an active law enforcement official to the live fire course, you can not get a better bang for your buck. Chris takes the time to help you through the drills and answers your questions all while keeping safety priority one. Whether or not you want your concealed weapons permit this is by far the best  handgun defensive class available, its was definitely worth our drive from Tacoma. Thanks again Chris and Malia you guys are awesome!” Review from someone who took our ID Enhanced Class & Civilian Defense Course


“I have taught similar defense type classes & I still learned a lot. I enjoyed learning about the law portion of the class too. I will tell everyone I know that is interested in the ID Enhanced to take this class” Review from someone who took our ID Enhanced Class & Civilian Defense Course