Offering concealed weapons permit classes for the most sought after permits, including:

Utah, Idaho Enhanced, Oregon, Florida, Arizona & also Civilian Defense


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  • We make the application process easy by providing the fingerprints & photo for your Utah & Arizona permits
  • No extra charge for the Oregon Certificate
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  • Carry in 39+ states (Dependent on residency & permit(s) obtained)
  • Professional, fun & informative training
  • Different options & levels of training


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Utah/Arizona/Oregon Course for non Utah residents

Why would non-Utah/Arizona residents want a Utah/Arizona concealed firearm permit in addition to their resident state permit?

The Utah & Arizona permits are the top two most sought after concealed firearm permits in the country. People from all 50 states are applying for the these concealed firearm permits because they are one of the most widely recognized permits in the United States, with currently, 33+ different states honoring their permits. Few other state’s permit can match these totals. Price: $80 individuals or $140 per couple. State background check separate

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Idaho Enhanced Permit & Civilian Defense Combo Course

This course meets & exceeds the requirements for the Idaho Enhanced permit, which requires live firing certification and is paired with our Civilian Defense class! This 8 hour course consists of in-depth training of self-defense laws, ID state carry laws, defensive shooting skills, tactical simulations and approximately 150 rounds of live fire at a range. This class includes over 30 defensive handgun drills, you can take away from the class, to build & maintain your skills. You will practice & understand the principles of tactics and have multiple opportunities to use your acquired skills under the stress of simulated, lethal encounters. Drills include but are not limited to the following: Drawing from the holster, Close-Contact, Palm-Strike Step-Back, supported kneeling, rollover prone, moving and shooting, using/finding cover and concealment, engaging multiple targets, clearing malfunctions & more. This course is a must for anyone who chooses to own or carry a handgun for self defense. This course is offered Spring through Fall, due to weather restrictions. Price: $175   


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